Frequently Asked Questions

Last Revised: July 15, 2015

How do I sign up for quiply?

When you use quiply for the first time you will be asked to login to your LinkedIn account so we can authorize you as a quiply user.

Who can see my posts?

Your posts are displayed anonymously and can be viewed by everyone who uses quiply. Others can upvote your posts and/or add posts of their own regarding those you have posted about.

Can I see who is using quiply?

To protect privacy and ensure anonymity, it’s not possible for you to see who else is using quiply.

How do you ensure my posts are anonymous?

We architected and developed quiply to protect your identity. When you sign up to use quiply, we generate a secret token that is linked to the quiply app installed on your device and provides a way for the app to communicate anonymously with the quiply database, and post and manage content anonymously on our Service. This secret token is not associated with your personal information on quiply in any way, so your content is anonymous. There is no way for a user of quiply to determine who posted a comment. Even quiply does not know the identity of which users are posting comments.

Does quiply know who posted specific content?

No, the quiply team and service does not know who posts what! Your posts are anonymous even to quiply. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

How do I delete my content from the Service?

To delete content that you have posted, go to the specific piece of content in the quiply that you wish to remove, swipe sideways and press delete. The content will disappear and it will be removed from the entire Service.

How do I 'upvote' another person's content?

To 'upvote' another person's content, go to the specific posting that you wish to upvote. At the rightmost edge of the line containing the posting of interest you will see an 'uparrow' or 'triangle'. If the 'uparrow' is 'empty', then you may upvote that post. If the 'uparrow' is 'filled in', then it is your comment or you have already upvoted that comment. You cannot upvote your own comments/posts. If the uparrow is empty, tap once on the uparrow to upvote the post. Tapping a second time on the uparrow will remove the upvote.

Can I edit my posts?

You can edit your feedback before posting it. If you wish to edit feedback after posting it, you can "delete" it and post updated feedback, to make any changes you wish.

What if I see something inappropriate?

If you see something you think is inappropriate (e.g., obscene, racist, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate), please report this to quiply immediately at Please be sure to indicate the name of the person or company that the inappropriate content has been directed to, so that we are able to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

How do I delete my account with quiply?

If you'd like to delete your account, please contact us at

Help, this FAQ doesn’t answer my question.

If you have any questions not answered in this FAQ, please contact us at